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The Return of 101 Maniacs: Admin's Other Top Slashers 90-81

Back at 2014, I was inspired by a series of posts from a fellow slasher completist and listed down my personal top 101 slasher flicks.

As of writing this, it's been three years since and I've discovered and seen many other awesome slasher titles, some liked by fellow horror fans, others not quite. In this "sequel list", I'll be listing down not only what I deem as the best titles I've seen since my last  top list, but also the movies that I left out from said last top list.

Without further delay, here be my other personal Top 101 Slasher movies that really stood out the most!

Note: These are in no particular order (save the last ten) and they're all personal picks, so, nope. Your faves or your orders does not matter here! Muahahaha!...ha!

90. Knucklebones (2016)
A group of teens with little better to do decided to haul up in an abandoned factory, get drunk and play an ancient game called Knucklebones which is supposed to summon a demon by reciting a chant while playing with a set of human knuckle bones. Long story short, they somehow acquired said knuckle bones, played the game and get to experience one long night of pain, torture and murder. Mostly murder.

Bloody Best Bits:the titular demon can murder teenagers with no problem, but has a hard time ending a preteen kid in a lengthy Home Alone-esque stalk-and-hurt climax.

89. All Through The House (2015)
A psycho in a Santa get-up is out murdering men and women this one Christmas Eve, with the men losing their members before biting the big one. Soon to be caught up in this macabre murder spree is a house sitter and her friends, who will soon discover a thing or two about family and all sorts of pain that goes along with it.

Bloody Best Bits: The opening murder is pretty good, but I gotta hand the best bit to the sorta mean-spirited kill wherein a wheelchair gramma gets rolled out of a hill.

88. Satanic Attraction (1989)
It appears that someone in a small town had taken a big liking to a local DJ's horror radio show of blood and guts, so much so that they begin to murder the town's populace down with motives and styles based on the stories. It's now up to the DJ, Fernanda, and the local police to track the killer down and stop them.

Bloody Best Bits: There's a scene wherein the killer attacks a dude sleeping in a hammock and kills him by evisceration. The best thing about this isn't the fact that it's ridiculously gory, but you can tell that's a cardboard weapon the killer was using.

Also, razor-in-soap scene. Yeesh.

87. Mirage (1990)
A random young killer in a black pick-up van starts to terrorize a gang of rowdy teenagers as he stalks and chase them through the dessert, methodically killing them one by one. Just to show you that horny teenagers are not safe anywhere in a slasher flick.

Bloody Best Bits: Either a slow but kinda effective dream sequence involving limb mutilation, or the subtle yet cool death-by-grenade.

86. Lesson of Evil (2010)
Kinda long for a slasher flick, but Japan's unsettling take on a school bodycounter have a trustworthy-faced English teacher moonlight as a sociopathic murderer who seems to have a way of making a lot of his killings look like accidents or disappearances. That is until his cover starts to get unraveled and desperation makes him commit the unthinkable.

Bloody Best Bits: A controversial school shooting. Poor kids didn't even get a chance to fight back a lot.

85. Wrestlemaniac (2006)
The hapless crew of a low-budget porn shoot makes the worst turn on the road when it leads them to a small Mexican town with an even smaller population of one: an insane and unstoppable wrestler with a nasty habit of ripping faces for trophies. 

Bloody Best Bits: A dorky butterball decided to stay behind to fight our wrestlemaniac, giving the remaining girl some time to escape. The fact that the odds are obviously against the other made this scene both sweet and workably tragic.

84. The Fan (1981)
Less of a slasher film and more of a stalker thriller with a decent amount of stalk-and-stab killings, come follow Douglas as he creeps and stalks the woman of his dreams, aging broadway actress Sally Ross. As he crawls deeper into his dangerous fantasies, the more Ross, her friends and her colleagues are in danger of the titular fan.

Bloody Best Bits: There's a slightly squeamish scene wherein one of Ross' friends gets slashed on the belly whilst swimming. The set-up for that scene is just pretty intense, even if I doubt the guy died from the attack.

83. Night Drive (2010)
A rarely discussed South African slasher that really needs to get more attention out there, as it follows a group of tourist and their ex-cop guide getting targeted by a cultish group of mercenaries who practices black magic and cannibalism. It may get a bit slow for the first fifteen minutes, but once the babies are in the bush, it's high hacking time!

Bloody Best Bits: Death by hyenas.

82. Kolobos (1999)
Slightly artsy and kinda slow, this late 90s DTV teen killer have a group of hopeful thespians huddled inside a house under the belief that they'll be reality TV stars. Unfortunately for them, a very scarred man have other plans for them as he lay traps and hunts them down.

Bloody Best Bits: Buzzsaw Surprise!!!

81. The Drownsman (2014)
Does the lack of cutting weapons makes a slasher less a slasher? This movie not only say nae to that, but also brought out something rather creative for a supernatural bodycount. After acquiring aquaphobia from a near-drowning incident, a woman is forced by her friends to under go a seance-like session to rid of the fear. Unknown to them, the very thing that caused the drowning many years ago didn't like this girls meddling with his business and the Drownsman will make sure they won't do it again. Permanently.

Bloody Best Bits: There's a pretty cool looking drowning scene where the Drownsman forces a victim to choke on some water, only for him to pull her into his realm through a small puddle.

80-71 Coming Up Soon!

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