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The Return of 101 Maniacs: Admin's Other Top Slashers 101-91

Back at 2014, I was inspired by a series of posts from a fellow slasher completist to listed down my personal top 101 slasher flicks.

As of writing this, it's been three years since the creation of that list and I've seen many other awesome slasher titles, some liked by fellow horror fans, others not quite. In this "sequel list", I'll be jotting down not only what I deem as the next best titles this sub-genre have to offer, but also the movies that I left out from the first list that honestly deserved a spot.

Without further delay, here be my other personal Top 101 Slasher movies that really stood out the most!

Note: These are in no particular order (save the last ten) and they're all personal picks, so, nope. Your faves or your orders does not matter here! Muahahaha!...ha!

101. Anthropophagus 2000 (1999)
A low-budget remake of the 1980 Italian cannibal-cum-slasher Anthropophagus, this Andreas Schnaas-directed entry may still lack the proper scares of the original, but it does make up for it with some cheese and a stupid load of gore, guts and blood, as a hapless group of vacationers gets hunted by a deranged cannibal.

Bloody Best Bits: An updated take on an impromptu abortion, doubling as a nasty piece of cannibalistic infanticide!

100. Switch Killer (2006)
A stripper is haunted and hunted by her past when an unhinged ex-lover comes back to kill her and all others that got in the way. An offensive piece of horror offering for some (possibly for the LGBT community), I somehow managed to find this film entertainingly bad and gruesome as it kinda gets better the further the story goes.

Bloody Best Bits: A New Year's party gets crashed. And slashed. And stabbed. And chainsawed.

99. Blood Junkie (2010)
A gang of four teens and a kid ventures into the woods, only to discover a strange murderer lurking around for victims they could drain for blood to survive. This is one of the many films released from Troma Entertainment that I deeply enjoyed, which is saying a lot since I normally cannot stand most of the movies they either make or release. (I say "most". "Most"...)

Bloody Best Bits: There's a jam-out scene that got me laughing, but the twist in the end caught me off-guard. 

98. Charlie's Farm (2014)
Somewhere at the Outbacks is Charlie's farm, a place where a deranged family met their demise at the hands of an vengeful crowd who had enough of their madness. That was many years ago and legend has it that not all of the members from the clan were snuffed out, something a small group of teenagers will find out painfully.

Bloody Best Bits: technically, whatever scene that has big Charlie in it is a treat, but a fight between Kane Hodder's character in this flick was the best treat of them all!

97. Hard Rock Nightmare (1989)
An ultra-cheesy creature feature with a strong slasher bone, featuring a rock band driving to a cabin in the woods in order to rehearse in peace. Well, that is until their lead singer's traumatic past with the cabin catches up with them and a savage werewolf starts slicing and dicing.

Bloody Best Bits: The best thing about this movie is the bad dialogue and one involving the nature of the killer lupine at the near end had me in stitches!

96. Grizzly (1976) 
Many would argue, but I will stand my ground: when a forest gets threatened by a more-than-normal hunger bear with and there's a strong stalk-and-kill action all throughout, it is safe to say that this Jaws rip-off is a decent example of a proto-backwoods slasher!

Bloody Best Bits: Bazooka vs Bear

95. Jackhammer Massacre (2004)
Jack Magnus is a businessman with a drug problem and, soon, a bit of an obsession with killing folks with a conveniently present jackhammer after losing his mind completely. Not precisely an effective horror flick, nor do I see it ever playing at some school's DARE program, but it is cheesily fun and gory!

Bloody Best Bits: A trippy nightmare involving evil SWAT teams, dead besties and a cool looking demon with needles for teeth.

94. The House By The Cemetery (1981)
Lucio Fulci's second most depressing work for me (the first being The New York Ripper), this gore-soaked melting pot mixes the zombie, haunted house and slasher genres into one twisted tale about a family moving in to an abandoned house formerly belonging to a scientist researching immortality. Let's just say said scientist sort of succeeded in their research, but with a cost...

Bloody Best Bits: The opening murders were cool, but I still can;t get that absurd "death by stairs" at the near end. Lady, use your elbows, dammit! Or use them legs to kick your way out since the friggin' thing holding you only has one hand now. Jeesh...

93. Eater Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)
An odd low-budget holiday slasher about a murderous lowlife conning his way into a family, only to torment their mentally handicapped son. When Easter approaches, however, a rabbit masked killer suddenly shows up and starts slaying the lowlife's accomplices (and then some) in many bloody manners.
Bloody Best Bits: The only good kind of pedophile is a dead one. Our rabbit couldn't agree more!

92. Slaughterhouse Rock (1988)
When a college student starts getting plagued by horrible nightmares about Alcatraz Island and apparent demonic possessions, he and his buddies head on to the island in hopes of finding some answers. They found two things: rock singer Toni Basil and a demon hellbent on murder!

Bloody Best Bits: The nightmares were a great bunch for how outlandish and random they sometimes get, but nothing beats Toni Basil doing a dance routine whenever she needs something.

91. Terror On Alcatraz (1987)
Featuring a fictionalized Frank Morris as a villain, this nearly forgotten late 80s hack n' slash have the former Alcatraz resident returning to the very same he escaped from decades later in order to retrieve a map to a vault he is planning to steal from. When a group of teenagers got in the way, however, it's nothing but hacking time for Morris!

Bloody Best Bits: There's this rather effective stalk and chase scene around the early parts of the film, with Morris chasing down and killing a former guard just to get even, but nothing beats the "crushing" surprise twist in the end!

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