Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short Shear Terror: Tahing Gabi (2010)

Tahing Gabi (Philippines, 2010)
rating: ***
starring: Joyen Santos, Benjo Ferrer, For Adrian

Well, This is it boys and girls, my first Filipino entry for a film review. Funny how it has to start this way, a short film, but that's just about it ladies and gents, as true creativity lies within the little people, Slasher horror is forgotten among my country's local mainstream and down into film projects.

A short film from University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Tahing Gabi tells the story of a popular urban legend of a Kidney Heist, in which a teenage girl, walking home late at night, got abducted by a mad surgeon and underwent an impromptu kidney removal. of course, she got through the operation and as she stumbles to her escape, the Mad Surgeon isn't through with her yet...
Our unnamed victim and her surgeon
Thankfully shot without dialogue, Tahing Gabi come off pretty entertaining knowing that these students know their slasher horror very well. Acting is put into theatrics, and relied heavily on body movement to tell the story. There's also some pretty decent blood and special effects, something that really surprised me comparing to the mainstream CG blood or obviously edited gore scenes; there's a lot of heart put through this project and it earned my respect for that.

The only drawback here is that, due to it being dialogue-less, it's accompanied with some licensed soundtracks from other horror flicks (one of it being SAW's "Hello Zep"). I know there's other films out there who used Licensed soundtrack to groove up their film; like Quentin Tarantino (nod to you, feller!) as well as that Art film-Giallo Amer (2009), but putting Hello Zep in a slightly amateurish chase scene kinda killed the tension.

Other than that, it's a nice look for a project and a bit of a relief for me. At least now I know I'm not alone in my country when it comes to slasher films. Kudos to the fellers who made this film and hope for the best this New Year!

Now we feel the same~! 8D We're not alone!
1 female presumably killed
total: 1

(...by the way, I have no relation to these students other than race and probably skin color. I'm currently attending my last sememester in Fourth year as a Journalist in the University of Santo Thomas...which is probably 500 mile or so from the college of origin of this short film..."500 miles or so"...I'm terrible with math...)

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