Friday, December 30, 2011

Short Shear Terror: the Vincerin Princess

The Vincerin Princess (Denmark, 2008)
Animator and Director:  Henric Wallmark

I stumbled upon this little known short animation one short film hunting...aka this night...last night, whenever you're reading this, and i got to say, I fell in love with this sick little "fairy tale".

A race of small round creatures known as Bradans were living a peaceful day of carrot picking, swimming in the stream or just plain lying on the grass when a six-legged monster, who claims to be he Viscerin Princess, came into their village with vicious intentions.

Just as quickly, the monster starts killing off the defenseless and awfully frightened creatures in the slickest manner. Leaving no survivors. Or at least, that's what it wanted us to think.

The animation is fluid and well drawn, coming off a bit warm with it's hand-drawn background and characters, simple designs put to good use and a simple story with a twist at the end. Of course, being a slasher, it dose itself a large number of slicings and stabbings, kinda coming off as quickly as possible, but none the less, still disturbing to sit through with added soundtrack that brings out the tension of the slaughter. The whole short is like a bittersweet fairy tale; no moral, no social satire, no happy endings, just plain vicious mayhem put to play in a child-like perception and fairy tale playfulness.

Those who have a good taste on artistic animation, or at least, love a weird short film, should give this little bad girl a whirl and see the mayhem unfold for yourself. It's not a message film, nor is it anything Oscar worthy, just one, creepy, disturbing, cartoon, of a deranged monster with a purpose...

6 round tcreatures stabbed
1 round creature sliced in half
1 round creature stabbed on the mouth
1 round creature stabbed
8 round creatures sliced in half
1 round creature sliced in half
1 round creature stabbed, pinned to a tree
1 round creature sliced off camera
3 round creature sliced in half
1 round creature sliced in half
1 round creature stabbed
1 round creature seen being stabbed
1 young round creature sliced in half
(perhaps more...it IS an entire village slaughtered)
total: 27+

Try it

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